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File for Divorce Online

Each party can complete our online divorce questionnaire for free – which provides the information that we need to determine if you qualify for filing a divorce in your state.


Online Divorce Services

The total cost of our online divorce service is $750.

This flat fee includes a final online divorce plus all of the divorce forms you need to file for your uncontested divorce in your state. Once you have a valid and executed online divorce, you can file for divorce after your state’s required waiting period,  and you can represent yourself in your own divorce for just the cost of the court’s filing fee.

There are three kinds of divorces:

  • An uncontested divorce;
  • A low conflict divorce;
  • A high conflict divorce.

The most inexpensive and efficient way to get a divorce is to get what is known as an “uncontested divorce.”


An uncontested divorce

To get an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must agree on all issues, and generally enter into a binding online divorce. Once you agree with your spouse on all issues, you can simply process your paper work through the court without the assistance of an attorney.


A low conflict divorce

A low conflict divorce is one where you and your spouse have only one or two issues that are preventing you from agreement. The least expensive method of resolving a low conflict divorce is divorce of your issues, as an alternative to each party being represented by attorneys which can cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees.  However, the cost of traditional divorce can cost any where from $1,000 – $2,500, depending on the complexity of your issues.  However, if your issues are relatively simple, you can try to resolve them by using our innovative online divorce process available from this Web site. 


A high conflict divorce

A high conflict divorce is one where there are many issues that remain unresolved, including major issues about child custody, spousal support, and division of property. For these kinds of divorces, both parties are better being represented by full-service counsel.

How it Works

  • Each spouse registers for the site and then accesses an online questionnaire to create a free state- specific online divorce (MSA).
  • A divorce mediator will review your MSA and compare it to your spouse’s version to determine where there is conflict.
  • The evaluation by the divorce mediator is free. Not every situation is appropriate for online divorce. The divorce mediator will determine, based on the evaluation of your points of agreement and conflict, whether you are eligible to be accepted into the Online Divorce Program.
  • Each spouse will be notified if they are accepted into the Online Divorce Program.
  • After acceptance, the final step will be to pay for your fixed fee online divorce service. Each spouse can pay one-half of the fee, or $375.00. The total cost for both spouses is $00.
  • If the divorce is successful, the result will be a final Online divorce ready for execution (signature) by both parties. This Online divorce is included in the fixed fee of $00.
  • If your Divorce is successful, your finalized document will be uploaded into each spouse’s secure Web space, and you will be notified you via e-mail.
  • In addition, the correct state-specific divorce forms you will need to file for your uncontested divorce in your state will be uploaded to your secure Web space ready for you to complete and file. These forms are also included in the fixed fee of $750.
  • Simply log into your account to review, download and print your completed documents and execute your Online divorce. Detailed execution instructions are included.
  • After the appropriate waiting period, you can complete your divorce documents easily with our intelligent document automation technology and file with your state court. Detailed instructions are included with our divorce forms.
  • Online Divorce is conducted in a secure online divorce room using text, telephone, and, if necessary, Skype for video conference calling.
  • Each party also has their own secure space where documents can be uploaded and each party can communicate securely and privately with the assigned mediator.
  • All of our  mediators are licensed family law/divorce attorneys.

After you get divorced you will need a new will, powers of attorney, health care power of attorney, and living will. You might also consider a pre-nupital agreement if you decide to get married.

The Benefits of Online Divorce Service

Online divorce service is not for everyone and not every couple will be accepted into this program.

If you are eligible of this online divorce program, there are many benefits:


You can mediate from the comfort of your home.


We offer a fixed fee service that includes the divorce process, plus all of the forms you need to file for an uncontested divorce in the states that we serve. The fixed fee enables you to control and budget your costs. You can save thousands of dollars in legal fees and thousands of dollars in traditional divorce fees by using this process. Our fixed fee is $750 per couple which includes a final Online divorce and all of the forms that you need to file for divorce in your state.


You don’t need to be in the physical room with your spouse during the divorce. Many spouses prefer not be in the same room with their spouse during divorce. If domestic violence is an issue in your marriage, Online Divorce is a good alternative to get your divorce resolved.


This process can be over in a day and you file your uncontested divorce after the required waiting period and get on with your life without incurring high legal fees.

Online divorce takes place over the Internet in a private “chat” room where both parties can be present with the mediator. The mediator also can communicate privately with each party separately. Telephone and Skype conferencing calling is also used when necessary.